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Sunday Shade

September 20, 2009

Uncomfortable from the heat and the tiredness that was slowly
engulfing everything, all the excitement from the day.
I nearly ripped my shirt off,
then writhed out of my blue jeans like some sort of crazy caterpillar.
too hot while you were too cold, turned over, sleeping. slightly hung-over.

I read this morning about MFDoom, about how he wears a mask when he’s performing
and sometimes it’s not even him under the mask, sometimes he’ll send out a decoy.

He wore the mask to further the storyline that he’s been unfurling for years.
MFDoom! like some crazy super-hero, his adventures told out-of-order. all mixed up.
He wanted the crowd to focus on his Character, not like his good morals, more like,
this made up cartoon crazy that he was making up with every next album.

Every performance was just furthering that plot-line, comic-book-style.
it wasn’t about if the the ladies thought he was hot, or whether the guys
thought they could take him if they had the chance.
it just about the silly rhymes he was delivering, line after line.

The writer lamented that rap had changed, that now it was no longer rappers challenging each other to rhyme better, instead they’ve begun betting on who can sell the most records.

This, in a way has stifled the culture since the more mainstream, the more lawsuits there
are to battle if you want to sample something.
Back in the day before rap made it big like hip-hop, you could sample whatever you wanted because it was so cult and no one really cared, since you weren’t making any real money. But now everyone wants a little piece of the pie.

The last time I was listening to MFDoom a lot was right before I met Will. One of the first real conversations we had, Madvillainy was playing in the background, and he remarked that he thought the album never made it big because the rhymes were too meandering, they didn’t build it up or tear it down, they just kept delivering little cute rhyme after little cute rhyme. Like you had the radio on in the background matched to a different set of cartoons.

I have this opera singing superstar friend, Lauren. She was subletting in NY, on her way back from Italy, heading next to LA. I met Lauren summer 05′ in Bordeaux. We were playing at the same music festival, I was playing in the orchestra and she was doing some chamber stuff. Everyone was always hanging out in her room, she has this uncanny ability to make whatever space she’s in hers. So was the case with this little apartment in Harlem. I arrived and she had Michael Jackson playing in the background to Willy Wonka muted on TV. She had some herbal tea going with some honey, and we spent the first half-hour perusing her new book on every tea you could possibly imagine. That’s what listening to Madvillainy is like, the perfect mix. All the right flavors at the same time, with none of them overpowering any of the others at any one time.

We finally cleaned the bird’s cage today. The roof to the co-op is really beautiful. I keep an earth-green cloth under Juliette’s cage to catch all the shells and chaos that she plants outside her cage. I underestimated how much of this stuff there was, and so I went on the roof to shake out the cloth surprised, leaving our neighbours a little unhinged.

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  1. September 20, 2009 9:38 pm

    i live on the roof :]

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